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Sub-Zero Refrigerator with Glass DoorSub-Zero appliances are made with the latest technology to provide better food and beverage preservation. Visit Wisconsin Kitchen Mart to remodel your kitchen with top-of-the-line refrigerators, undercounter drawers, and wine cellars.

Sub-Zero Refrigerators

Refrigerators can be built-in or integrated to fit perfectly into your remodeled kitchen. These refrigerators are offered in stainless steel or with panels to best match your home décor. Interior shelving can be rearranged for more effective storage.

To provide better preservation, Sub-Zero refrigerators provide optimal temperature control, humidity, and a supply of purified air. Your foods will last longer and taste better when stored with Sub-Zero expertise.

Freezers may be located underneath or side-by-side to the main refrigerated space.

Sub-Zero Refrigerated Drawers and Undercounter Units

Undercounter refrigeration is more than just using a mini-fridge for storing soda. These compact refrigerators from Sub-Zero provide additional space you can easily organize. Keep all fresh produce in one undercounter drawer and use another as another freezer.

The refrigerated drawers are made to match regular cabinetry. With Wisconsin Kitchen Mart, your remodeled kitchen can have completely custom cabinets made by our in-house contractors.

Sub-Zero Beverage Systems and Wine Cellars

Many factors go into the preservation of wines. The wrong temperature, exposure to light, and humidity levels can all ruin a good bottle. Sub-Zero beverage systems have up to 3 temperature zones for all your drinks. The door includes UV-protected glass so you can see in without affecting the wine’s taste.

Beverage systems are available in undercounter or full column size to fit your storage needs.

Matching Cooking Appliances from Wolf

Sub-Zero has matching cooking appliances from their manufacturing partner, Wolf. Wisconsin Kitchen Mart carries both brands at our Milwaukee showroom so your remodeled kitchen can have all matching appliances.

Contact our Milwaukee kitchen remodelers today for more information.